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forever young: Health and happiness

Nobody stays young forever. In fact, the population is getting older. But we do look much younger than the previous generation did at our age. Old-fashioned grandmothers in flesh-coloured tights, sporting permed hair and endearing wizened faces are a dying breed. Why? Because we’re evolving. Because we’re becoming better at knowing what’s good for us. And a healthy diet is an important part of this. Clothing plays a role too, but that’s for another day.

How do you slow down the ageing process with diet?

The most important factor is hydration. Drinking water maintains good hydration, of course, but did you know that tomatoes are 95 % moisture? And cucumbers and watermelons 97 %? And that the fluid found in fruit and (raw) vegetables is more easily transported to your cells? Take advantage of this benefit. Crudite madame? Oui! If you combine a plate of raw vegetables with a simple guacamole, you’re doing your skin a big favour. Avocados contain an oil that moisturises and tightens your skin. Blueberries are also beneficial: they are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and create collagen, making the skin supple and smooth.



Maybe you’re a vision of loveliness but the daily chaos of your life leaves you feeling more than slightly exhausted. Put wild salmon (from a sustainable source) on the menu. The omega-3 fats it contains support memory and are generally good for the brain. And we could go on and on. Zinc, copper and selenium (found in raw nuts and oysters, among other sources) are good for collagen production. Vitamin B (yoghurt is one source) promotes cell division. Beta Carotene (including in sweet potatoes, carrots and tomatoes) is an important antioxidant, protects against the sun and restores skin cells. And with broccoli, beets and red cabbage – some call these detox veggies – not only do you give yourself a shot of vitamin C but you also support the natural cleansing of your body.

The list of the benefits to be gained from vegetables goes on and on. But we’re going to wind up with a shout out for delicious dark chocolate. Cocoa contains flavonoids that act as antioxidants and protect the skin against UV light, and that’s good news. Would you like to learn more about diet? Read one of the food blogs.


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