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Whether you spend this summer on the beach or not, you can always look like a bronze goddess

1. Wet-look hair

Spotted on the catwalks of Victoria Beckham, Balmain and Altuzarra: wet-look hair, as if you’ve just spent the whole day on the beach and actually swam. Sexy. Comb your locks back tightly with wet-look gel (especially lovely on short hair) or create an elegant twist in wet hair. Then spray some hair oil over your locks for a chic wet look that stays in place all day and evening.

Tip: L’Oréal Tecni.Art Extreme Splash Gel, €12.55 or L’Anza Keratin Healing Oil Brush Thru Hair Spray, €5.95 (both also suitable for frizzy hair).

2. Bronze goddess make-up

Sun-kissed skin can easily be faked, this is how:

  1. Apply a moisturising primer (e.g. Lancôme Prep & Hydrate Primer, €30 or Smashbox Primer Water €34.18).
  2. Apply a tinted day cream as this looks the most natural – especially in spring. Don’t have tinted day cream? Blend some moisturising cream with foundation.
  3. Using a large brush and a matte bronzer, make a 3-shape on the face, from the forehead to the tip of the chin and blend well.
  4. Lightly apply some blush to the cheekbones, fading outwards.
  5. A hint of gold or champagne-coloured eye shadow on the eyelids completes this summery look.

3. Summer skin

The secret to radiant summer skin? Hydration. Daily skin care using creams and lotions prevents the skin from drying out and flaking. If the skin dries out, you can say goodbye to that sunny glow. And it may sound contradictory, but a weekly scrub also lets you enjoy your sun tan for longer. For example, try Zuii Organic Flora Hydrating Body Polish, with Himalaya salt and bamboo fibres. It is certified as organic, and your skin shines away! (€23.50 online at

4. Summer hit

Each year, Estée Lauder publish their Bronze Goddess sun collection for us all to enjoy, and this year is no exception. This summer, the collection consists of an Eau Fraîche Skinscent (€73.50), a Shimmering Oil for Hair & Body (€55) and a Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Creme (€44). But our favourite is still the Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent – a soft, sexy fragrance reminiscent of tropical sun holidays. With warm fragrance ingredients such as tiaré-flower, coconut, amber, sandalwood and vanilla. (The entire collection is available from 1 April, including via

5. Summer on your lips

It’s great that matte lip tones are still in vogue. They stay on your lips for a long time, even in hot weather. Bright shades such as cherry red and fuchsia go well with your summery tones. Apply a hint of colour to the centre of the lips and smudge with your fingers.  If your lips feel dry, apply some lip balm on top. It makes the lip tone nice and transparent, as if you’ve just eaten an ice cream.

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