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Amsterdam’s hidden corners are home to the finest restaurants in the city. The seemingly inconspicuous things have the best chance of success.

The new food culture in Amsterdam preaches stylish, organic, fuss-free dining. Not so long ago, we were looking for subway tiles on the walls, plants on the ceiling, tapas-like menus and sharing platters, but now most of the Amsterdam foodies are done with the bells and whistles and that overly hip stuff. In 2019, we prefer to eat at simple eateries, we keep our plates to ourselves and bad acoustics are reason enough to stay away.

Restaurants that have provided stable quality for years on end are the addresses that deserve our renewed love. We continue to join Rijsel and Toscanini, where the atmosphere and quality remain stoically unchanged, and we love the serene simplicity of Scheepskamel and Kaagman & Kortekaas. On the menu are generous portions of vegetables, whole grilled fresh fish, stuffed aubergine and, sure enough, sometimes even a normal potato. Delicious.

Entrepot – Amsterdam is bursting with great restaurants, making it virtually impossible to pick out just three. For a Michelin-star style meal, you can count on Daalder, Mos and Vermeer. You could also choose Entrepot restaurant, recommended by the people who have enjoyed works of art at two of Amsterdam’s best restaurants of all time, Rijsel and Worst Wijncafé. At Entrepot, situated in a beautiful hidden location by a quiet stretch of water behind Artis zoo, a large open restaurant was created that serves exciting and unusual dishes. The menu contains lots of vegetables as well as pigeon and slowly cooked pork belly.

Wijmpje Beukers – Creative and yet no-nonsense cooking; that’s the new style here. You can find it at restaurants such as Choux, Bak, De School, Café Binnenvisser and Bar Centraal as well as at Wijmpje Beukers, a family-friendly restaurant thanks to its warm colours, artwork and equally warm service. It’s a classic neighbourhood restaurant and the owners are proud of that. If the neighbours aren’t coming any more, it’s never a good sign. But this place is always full.

Cafe Caron – There are lots of French restaurants in Amsterdam, but Cafe Caron is one of the best. The bar is overcrowded by default and there’s steam coming from the kitchen. The Caron family, mother, father and sons – une équipe de famille – take good care of you. Start at the bar with some oysters, charcuterie or Iberico grill and move on to your table for snails with monkfish fritters, supreme black legged chicken or braised leeks. Petit Caron is also just a short walk away and is based on the same concept but leans more towards drinks and nibbles. Just one door down is the delicious seafood bar Brut de Mer – it’s not cheap, but very tasty.,

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