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The Tellier Sisters know everything there is to know about skincare and make-up. Now they are investing in dragon’s blood, a multi-tasking mascara and a great kit for the most beautiful eyebrows in the western hemisphere. In short, everything you need for radiant eyes.

Dragon’s Blood

Since our first encounter with sheet masks, we have been a big fan of this beauty product. And because our eyes can always do with a little extra pampering, we were instantly sold when we saw Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks. These powerful eye masks provide a hydrating, smoothing and plumping effect and reduce swelling and dark circles – all in one treatment. The serum with which the masks are soaked contains a resin from the dragon blood tree (hence the name), hyaluronic acid and arnica. In each bag you’ll find two drop-shaped masks that you stick under your eyes and that adhere brilliantly to your skin. After half an hour, your skin has absorbed all the nutrients and the masks are dry. Your eye area immediately looks fresher and less tired.

Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks, € 43.33 (8 individually packaged bags in one box), exclusively available from Ici Paris XL

Triple mascara

One mascara, three brushes. The interchangeable brushes allow you to create three different eyelash looks: from natural, to precision and volume. The styling brushes are easy to switch. Just unscrew the cap, insert your chosen brush in the holder and replace the cap.

M2 Beauté Quick-Change Artists 3 Looks Black Nano Mascara, € 35



We enjoyed a meet & greet with the inspirational Tonya Crooks – the Hollywood eyebrow guru and founder of The BrowGal brand – in the new luxury department store Hudson’s Bay. Her clients include celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, Fergie and Eva Mendes. It was the actor Megan Fox who first begged Tonya for help. Megan wanted Tonya to create something so that she could do her eyebrows herself if her eyebrow specialist wasn’t around. This led to Tonya designing an eyebrow product collection called The BrowGal. The collection offers everything you need to give your eyebrows the perfect shape. There are pencils (with pencil sharpeners in the caps!), serums, eyebrow gels, sharpeners, tweezers, scissors, a highlighter pencil and a serum that promotes hair growth.

At art school, Tonya learned that symmetry is important and a clean canvas is the perfect foundation. She doesn’t work with templates or rulers but examines an individual’s eyebrows as though she was looking at a 3D painting. She went to work on us: waxed excess hairs, trimmed them slightly (in the direction of growth), used highlighter for a lifting effect and pencilled in our brows. Finally, Tonya used the Eyebrow Gel to keep the eyebrows nicely in place. The result was natural and incredibly beautiful.

Although the products are fairly pricey, we think that such high quality items are worth every cent. The pencils are made of cedar wood, feel good in the hand, and you can draw very sharp lines with them that last the whole day.

BrowGal products are available from Hudson’s Bay and Skins Cosmetics.

The BrowGal Eyebrow Pencil, € 23

The BrowGal Highlighter Pencil, € 23

The BrowGal Clear Eyebrow Gel, € 20


Give a girl good brows, she looks good for one day. Teach a girl how to create good brows and she’ll look great for a lifetime.



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