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A Spanish finca? The dream. The next best thing? Bringing that finca feeling into your Dutch home. That’s not difficult, thanks to Summum’s styling tips.

We would all like to have a finca, a rustic shelter somewhere on a deserted piece of Ibiza, for example, with whitewashed walls, beamed ceilings and a terrace full of cool cacti and waving palm trees. But if a Spanish ranch is out of the question, you can also bring that typical finca style to your own Dutch cottage. With just a few simple ingredients, you can create your very own Casa Ibiza.

Inside out

Unfortunately, we find ourselves inside more often than outside, but that’s not a problem! We can bring the outside inside, using accessories like shells, rough pieces of wood that have washed ashore, unique branches and beautiful stones, for example. Plants are of course also on the list. Perhaps most synonymous with Ibiza is the cactus. And we don’t mean the small, cute variety but those big, tough guys who really make a statement indoors. In terms of colours, you can keep it toned down with natural colour shades: beige, brown, white, sand, and hints of green. A bright pop of colour here and there is also allowed, of course.


Reed should not be missing in your finca. The most beautiful showpiece is a large wicker peacock chair (made iconic by the erotic film ‘Emmanuelle’ from the 1970s). Wicker accessories add that summery outdoor feeling, even when it’s raining outside. The wicker lampshade (the bigger the better) has made its comeback as an eye-catcher above a large, rough wooden dining table. And no finca can do without a collection of wicker baskets in different sizes; use them in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom or as wall decoration. Of course, you can also use a wicker basket to do your shopping, whether you’re going to the hippie market or just to the Albert Cuyp street market.


Go for simple but luxurious natural fabrics. Curtains are made from unpainted linen or muslin, perfect for blowing in a summer breeze. Bedding is made from organic cotton and preferably plain, in all variations of white, from vanilla, ecru, eggshell and ivory to beige. A thin handmade quilt or crocheted bedspread completes your Ibiza bed. In the bathroom you use hammam towels, and for the kitchen fabrics the old-fashioned hippie cheesecloth is making another comeback.

Rugs & cushions

In real fincas, the walls are made from stone and the floors have natural stone tiles. Heat is produced by means of rugs and cushions. Often it is the hand-woven rugs that add some colour to the interior, contrasting against white walls and neutral floor tiles. Prefer to stay in natural places? Then sisal rugs give a rustic feeling. Tapestries have made a complete comeback, including authentic hand-knotted macramé constructions that easily compete with real paintings. And when it comes to cushions, there’s only one rule when it comes to quantity: the more, the merrier! From large leather poufs to brightly-coloured, hand-embroidered cushions on the sofa.



An outdoor kitchen and long, lazy lunches in the shade may only be something we dream of, but we can, of course, fill our kitchen with beautiful handmade pottery from Spain. You can go for cheerful, sunny colours or retro 70s colours such as green and brown. The Spaniards have their own earthenware pot or jug for everything from salt and pepper shakers to olive oil jars and robust water jugs. Make room for a few nice large statement pieces such as a jar or a bowl that holds enough paella to feed an orphanage. That gives you a spontaneous desire to cook, doesn’t it?


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