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Food -

Tricolore Amsterdam

Green – The Avocado Show

If there is one fruit (or is it a vegetable?) that you can’t ignore right now, it’s the avocado: delicious, healthy and photogenic. While we may not do more with it than avocado on toast and guacamole, The Avocado Show, Europe’s first avocado restaurant, has a whole menu of dishes that hero this ingredient. They serve everything from avocado pancakes to avoburgers and even avocado ice cream. That means good food and Instagram indulgence plus there’s a pop-up store a hundred metres from the restaurant where you can find all sorts of avo-accessories.

Daniel Stalpertstraat 61-hs, Amsterdam,

Pink – MaMa Kelly

Hooray, we no longer have to go all the way to London to the restaurant Sketch to take the perfect millennial pink Instagram photos! Now we can just go to MaMa Kelly, located in the former Olympic stadium, where kaboom you’re in pink land. “Pink isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude” say the owners. A truism, but it must be said, it really is about the colour here. It helps if you don’t just like pink a lot but also chicken and lobster, because these are the MaMa Kelly signature dishes. There are also good things on the menu for pink lovers who don’t eat animals.

Olympisch Stadion 35, Amsterdam,


White – The White Room

The White Room, in Hotel Krasnapolsky, is a culinary oasis among the fast food restaurants, kebab places and waffle stands of the Dam area. The restaurant is housed in the 19th century hall that was known as “De Witte Zaal”, with its old-fashioned, stylish baroque décor, and that already functioned as a restaurant way back in 1885.  Two years ago, Jacob Jan Boerma (of 3 Michelin-starred restaurant De Leest, Vaassen) opened The White Room and ever since, head chef Arturo Dalhuisen has been creating sensational food. So sensational that the restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star last December. The really good news is that you don’t have to pay astronomical prices to eat starry food here: The White Room is absolutely affordable.

Dam 9, Amsterdam,


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