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Summum’s new Aware label makes it easier to choose more sustainable fashion items. And that’s a good thing.

Fashion can and must become more sustainable. Summum fully supports that fact. We must not allow something we love so much and that is there to make life more beautiful, to impact people, animals and the environment so negatively at the same time.

Summum’s ambition to be part of ‘the change’ – the major transition to ‘cleaner’ clothing we are all working towards, from raw materials supplier to fashion consumer and recycling technology – is becoming ever more concrete. A lot of innovation is happening in terms of materials: we are choosing yarns, fabrics and processes that have far less or virtually no impact on our planet and still have beautiful properties. To select these sustainable alternatives, Summum uses the Environmental Benchmark for Fibres by non-profit organisation MADE-BY.

The Aware label indicates the items for which Summum has chosen a more sustainable alternative, with brief, clear information about the material used. This information can be somewhat technical, but transparency is part of sustainability. Where possible, the Aware label refers to the websites of the relevant innovative fabric manufacturers, or to organisations that award the strictly controlled sustainability certificates for more information.

One of those beautiful, sustainable fabric alternatives is a FillSens fabric, a variation on Lyocell. This advanced yarn is made from cellulose from sustainably cultivated plants, and is completely biodegradable due to its natural composition. Production occurs in a closed system that has a minimal impact on the environment. Fillsens fabric has a luxurious look and feel, a smooth fall and feels silky soft with a cool, firm grip. The material dyes beautifully, is easy to maintain and hardly pills or shrinks. It’s perfect for festival dresses, for example.

Tencel has similar luxury properties from the Austrian manufacturer Lenzing, also a Lyocell. This fabric, made of yarn obtained from eucalyptus wood from sustainable plantations, is also 100% biodegradable and has a minimal impact on the environment, partly because all of the water used in the production process is recycled.  The Eco Soft technology that is applied also makes this Tencel extra soft and comfortable on the skin.

Summum’s Organic Luxury Basics also have an Aware label. This jersey is made from organic cotton, cultivated under strictly controlled conditions, without genetic modification and without the use of poisonous pesticides or other harmful chemicals. It feels better – also on your skin.





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