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Make a conscious choice with Summum Woman’s new AWARE label

As of Spring 2019, Summum will use the new AWARE label to clearly indicate which items have been made from a more sustainable alternative material.

Manufacturing fabrics with an AWARE label has a better effect on people, animals and the environment. To select these alternatives, Summum uses the Environmental Benchmark for Fibres by non-profit organisation MADE-BY.

What does Summum Woman’s AWARE label say?

The AWARE label indicates that a durable material was chosen for the item in question.

Lyocell, for example, is made from strong, fast-growing plants such as eucalyptus in a closed production system – no pollution, no water waste – and is completely recyclable and biodegradable. Lyocell fabrics are silky soft, strong, virtually free from pills and shrinkage and have a luxurious look.

Summum’s luxury jersey basics programme is made from organic cotton. Summum Woman expects to offer more and more of its collection with the AWARE label in the future.

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