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Code of Conduct

Beautiful from A to Z
Here at Summum Woman, we like to make beautiful clothes. We like to make good quality items in beautiful fabrics for fashionable women. You can see and feel it. It’s simply in our DNA. And we want our clothes not only to look beautiful, but also to be beautiful from A to Z. Clothes made with respect for people, the environment and animals. That is why we work with a Code of Conduct, a manual specifying how we want the producers, environment and animals that supply our material to be treated during the production process. We want good living conditions for animals and pleasant working conditions and fair wages for the producers. We do not, for example, haggle with suppliers in order to push down the prices of materials or production costs. We value everyone who works on our products, and we believe it is partly our responsibility to ensure that everyone in our supply chain feels appreciated. That’s why we work to create sustainable products and sustainable relationships.

We do this in accordance with the guidelines set out in the BSCI Code of Conduct by amfori , a global organisation that promotes corporate sustainability. In so doing, we are following the latest global human rights standards. Of course, this applies to discrimination on any level – we do not tolerate it.

How do we do it?
Through our Code of Conduct, we have laid down a number of conditions relating to the working conditions of the producers and decent delivery times, for example. We do not support last-minute work that forces people to work long hours. We provide material and practical support in order to ensure that our suppliers can adhere to these conditions. After all, it is a shared responsibility. We only work with suppliers who support our Code of Conduct and comply with agreements made as well as local laws and regulations. We keep and eye on things and help find solutions if something does not go according to plan. We don’t walk away just because something can be done a little cheaper elsewhere – we want to pay for fair wages and proper working conditions. We do it together.

What about the materials?
Producing clothes starts with the materials. And we prefer it to happen sustainably. That is why at Summum Woman, we focus on sourcing ethically responsible materials. We strive to use materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible, have no negative impact on the people who work with them and do not come from areas where human rights are violated. If we use materials deriving from animals, such as wool, it is important to us that the animals who once owned the wool have a stress-free, fear-free life, with enough living space, water and food. We don’t work with fur, angora, down from live plucked birds or leather from animals slaughtered only for their skin. We have also set this out in our Code of Conduct, and we make agreements on this matter with our suppliers.

More information
If you would like more information on our Code of Conduct, sourcing ethically responsible materials or our Animal Welfare Policy, all of our terms & conditions and agreements are available here. This way, Summum Woman is even more beautiful than before. Beautiful from A to Z.

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