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Our materials

Sustainable materials form the basis of a sustainable collection. Alongside quality, sustainability plays an important role in the rigorous process of selecting materials. We are constantly on the lookout for the right fabrics for our collection and as far as possible we select yarns, fabrics and processes that have less or virtually no impact on our planet and yet have beautiful properties. For these sustainable alternatives, we use the Sustainable Material Guide (SMG) published by our sector organisation, Modint.

With this in mind, we developed our special Aware label, which contains items for which a sustainable alternative is used for at least 50% of the fabric.

One of those beautiful, sustainable fabric alternatives is a FillSens fabric, a variation on Lyocell. This advances yarn is made from cellulose from sustainably cultivated plants. It is completely biodegradable due to its natural composition. Production occurs in a closed system that has a minimal impact on the environment. FillSens fabric has a luxurious look and feel, a smooth fall and feels silky soft with a cool, firm grip. The fabric dyes beautifully, is easy to maintain and hardly pills or shrinks. It is perfect for festival dresses, for example.

Another fabric with similar luxury properties is Tencel, produced by the Austrian manufacturer Lenzing, also a Lyocell. This fabric, made from yarn obtained from eucalyptus wood from sustainable plantations, is also 100% biodegradable and has a minimal impact on the environment. All of the water used in the production process is recycled. Due to the Eco Soft technology used, this Tencel feels extra soft and comfortable on the skin.

Our Organic Luxury Basics also bear an Aware label. These jerseys are made from organic cotton that is cultivated under strictly controlled conditions, without genetic modification and without the use of poisonous pesticides or other harmful chemicals.


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