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Our production

We work hard to create a responsible, sustainable supply chain. That is why we invest in long-term relationships with our business partners and suppliers. We pay them regular visits and maintain a strong relationship with them. We actively assess the potential risks within the chain and how the work of our partners affects these risks. This is called management due diligence.

We maintain close consultation with our partners on issues such as working conditions and environmental impact. Discussing and signing our Code of Conduct -and Animal Welfare Policy form part of this. We identify any risks and work closely together to come up with solutions and make adjustments where necessary, with the aim of reducing the burden on people, animals and the environment. Based on these risk assessments, we then make conscious decisions relating to our purchasing and production.

A few examples:

– We have deliberately chosen to produce a large part of our collection in Eastern Europe. Due to the proximity, we can easily visit the workshops in Poland on a regular basis and check and monitor the conditions under which our products are being produced. Moreover, transport is by road instead of by air and water, which has less of an impact on the environment.

– We are working with our producer in Portugal to make our Luxury Basics collection more sustainable while keeping the clothes affordable.



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