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What’s the deal with teal?

Teal is one of the defining colours in the Summum Woman Winter ’18 collection. The English named the deep blue-green colour after the duck that has this colour in its plumage. Though it might be familiar, teal is an acquired taste.

Teal is bluer than emerald green, greener than petrol blue, darker than turquoise and chicer than cyan. The colour was first referred to as teal back in the ‘Roaring Twenties’. In those days it was the ‘go-to’ colour for flapper dresses and accessories, art deco interior fabrics and ceramics.

Teal is at the darker end of the aquatic spectrum and one of the darker hues in the Northern Lights. Sophisticated and understated, it is a mysterious colour that exudes calmness and depth. Christian Dior loved to work with teal because of its class. He thought of it as an elite colour.

Teal was also in vogue in the 1950s and 1960s (the Mad Man era), and not just for fashion. It also works well on walls, combining beautifully not only with all wood tones, but also with more neutral colours such as maroon, camel, sand and natural whites. Teal creates an exciting tone on tone with a brighter green and clashes fabulously with the opposite side of the colour chart.

In the Summum Woman Winter ’18 collection teal pairs perfectly with romantic wild-rose pink, making demurely feminine antique rose and powder pink cool and classy. A colour for First Ladies – and don’t we all aspire to be one? A ‘haute vintage’ look that is effortlessly chic, confident and sophisticated all at the same time. As we said, it’s an acquired taste.


Shop Teal in the Summum Woman Winter ’18 collection.


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